In this episode, I am joined by Kristina Bruce, a Body Acceptance Coach, who helps women understand they don’t have to fight with and hate their bodies to feel happy, safe, and worthy. We talk about her understanding of what diet culture is, the body positivity movement, and beauty ideals and standards. She speaks on her shifts away from diet culture by understanding the debunking of topics, knowing her self-worth, and helping her clients to return to themself for their guidance and wisdom when it comes to their bodies.


As a Body Acceptance Coach, Kristina Bruce specializes in helping women know their worth and value beyond their body size and appearance. As a Certified Life Coach, she uses her training, as well education in health studies, sociology, yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry methodologies to help clients reconnect to their inner wisdom so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives in the bodies they have. 


Instagram: @kristinabrucecoach