Join me as I share this powerful conversation with Kelly Diels, an educator who teaches entrepreneurs through the lens of feminism and anti-oppression to make money and justice. We discuss diet culture and its roots in fatphobia, misogyny, and racism and discuss the ways it affects our daily lives.

Together, Kelly and I uncover the complexities of diet culture and the challenges of breaking free from its grip to improve our relationships, career goals, and overall health. We also address the importance of recognizing and addressing the underlying issues that perpetuate this oppressive system.

As we discuss the anti-diet culture movement, we emphasize the need for nuance, compassion, and respect when approaching health decisions, as well as the potential pitfalls of rigid thinking within the movement.

Finally, learn how to build your own analysis and make independent decisions away from authorities as Kelly and I guide you through the process of liberation from diet culture. From reading outside your interests to curating body-positive social media feeds, our conversation will arm you with the tools needed to stand against oppressive systems.

We even touch upon the complexities of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses and their ties to diet culture.

This conversation was honest, moving, and encouraging, and I even got a little misty-eyed listening to Kelly talk about how we can create our own liberation from diet culture.


Kelly Diels is feminist educator, writer, and coach. She specializes in feminist marketing for culture-makers. She’s here to raise awareness about how the business-as-usual formulas we learn everywhere actually reproduce oppression. She develops and teaches alternate, feminist marketing tools to help us do it differently (and better).