Have you ever felt blindsided by the changes that come with menopause? Join. The. Club.

In today’s episode, I speak with Jenn Salib Huber, Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Dietitian, and Intuitive Eating Coach. She shares her personal experience with menopause in her 30s.

Together, we explored the lack of discussion around menopause, the impact of diet culture on women during menopause, and how to redefine your relationship with food and movement during this time.

We dove into the challenges of navigating midlife, such as the difficulty of having a healthy relationship with food and breaking away from dieting rules.

We also discussed how weight stigma and bias in healthcare can have life-altering consequences, the importance of advocating for ourselves in medical situations, and recognizing our own biases.

In the final part of our conversation, we tackled the complexities of stepping away from diet culture and trusting our bodies.

Jenn shared her four-step framework to help find the bandwidth for making decisions and moving toward a more intuitive approach to eating.


Dr. Jenn is a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Dietitian, and Intuitive Eating Coach. She loves helping women manage menopause without dieting and food rules. In practice for nearly 20 years, she blends personal and professional experience in her work with women and embraces an integrative approach to health.