Solo Episode: Today’s topic is journaling!

Download your own copy of the 3D Journaling at

In this episode, I cover the journaling method I created, 3D Journaling. As a coach, my clients were frustrated with themselves for numbing out with food, shopping, scrolling, or booze. 3D Journaling allowed them to sort out tricky feelings so they didn’t need distractions. Journaling allowed them to identify and process their emotions to feel peaceful and content. I added 3D Journaling to my book, Don’t Eat It. DEAL With It! Second Edition: Your Guidebook on How to STOP Eating Your Emotions, as part of healing your relationship with food. 

Tune in as I cover the why, how, when, and where of 3D Journaling. I also address many common concerns and obstacles people face with starting a journaling practice. Don’t forget to download your copy of the 3D Journaling at

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