Today on the podcast, I am joined by makeup artist, hair stylist, and licensed esthetician Lisa Boehm. Lisa specializes in extraordinary bridal makeup looks and one-on-one skincare consultations where she hopes to help her clients understand skincare from a more gentle and caring approach instead of punishing and controlling one.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • Lisa’s experiences with diet culture, her relationship with her mom, and growing up dancing.
  • Skincare as an extension of the harmful patterns of diet culture.
  • Weddings and the beauty expectations that surround them.
  • And the importance of having no messaging around someone’s body and having a body positive role model for kids.

Lisa also shared her physical and mental shifts to lessen the impact of diet culture. First is to “regard their skin like a plant. It is something you need to nourish, and it’s not something you can force.” Lisa hopes those listening can turn away from trying to control and punish their skin and nurture it instead. And second, limit the amount of things you do in your skincare routine. Most people only need two steps when it comes to skincare. Less is more!


Lisa Boehm is a seasoned makeup artist and hairstylist renowned in the wedding industry. With a passion for beauty that transcends borders, she splits her time chasing the sun in the magical Pacific Northwest and equally magical Costa Rica. Lisa not only creates stunning bridal looks but also empowers others through virtual one-on-one skincare consultations, unraveling the mysteries of skincare routines. In 2024, she’s set to launch online makeup classes tailored for destination brides, combining expertise with accessibility to redefine bridal beauty experiences.

IG – @lisaboehmbeauty

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