Today on the podcast, I am joined by Rachael Hartley, a private practice dietitian and the author of my most recommended nutrition book, Gentle Nutrition. Rachael works closely with people to develop a healthier relationship with food and those in eating disorder recovery. 

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How diet culture has begun to adopt the language of anti-diet culture as a way to hide in plain sight and how to spot a diet.
  • The cycle that comes with trying to build a healthier relationship with food.
  • The grief that comes along with acceptance.
  • Social media’s impact on people, especially the younger generations.


Rachael also shared some physical and mental shifts to lessen the impact of diet culture.

Physical shifts: 

  • Learn how to spot and navigate diet culture, especially on social media, and reduce the content you consume. 
  • Identify things you could do if you were comfortable in your body today. 

Mental shifts:

  • Notice when negative self-talk or body checking occurs.
  • Recognize how they view and talk about others. 



I’m Rachael, a dietitian and nutrition therapist who joined the field because she really loves food. As a certified intuitive eating counselor, I am fiercely passionate about helping others ditch the diet rules and rediscover the joy of eating. My goal is to help my clients and readers nurture a healthier relationship with food, and improve their wellbeing with eating habits rooted in nourishment instead of restriction and deprivation.

Like most dietitians, I used to think nutrition was all about “eating less” and “eating right.” I believed what I was taught about weight and health being one and the same. Those beliefs led me down a path where food and eating became stressful and complicated. As I started working with clients, I quickly realized my approach wasn’t helping. I saw how the focus on weight and rigid diet rules turned something that should be a simple, nourishing act of self care, into an anxiety-filled chore.


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