Today on the podcast, I am joined by Louise Green, a weight-inclusive fitness professional. Louise saw the many gaps for individuals in larger bodies within the fitness industry and has been creating opportunities, inclusivity, and education in fitness since 2007.


In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How fitness and messaging around fitness have changed and shifted over the years.
  • The sadness around diet culture and how it has been built to fail.
  • The importance of representation in fitness and why people need to see all body sizes as leaders in the field.

Louise also shared some mindset and physical shifts to lessen the impact of diet culture.

Physical shift: 

  •  When finding a space to exercise, start with a place where you feel safe. Check the gym’s website for diversity, representation, etc. 

Mental shifts:

  • Understand your expectations of yourself and what fitness means to you.
  • Loosening the grip of your relationship with movement and shifting to an “all or something” rather than all or nothing mindset.



Louise Green has earned fitness expert status on an international scale.


Louise is a visionary, fitness activist and change agent dedicated to creating a world

where every “body” can realize their athletic potential, regardless of their size.


As a Personal Trainer her work has transcended many lives well beyond the gym, Green

has tenaciously dedicated the last 14 years to disrupting the fitness industry as we know.


Louise’s work spans the globe.  She has coached and influenced thousands of women

to put their intimidation aside and live their athletic dreams in the body they have right

now.  Louise’s vision for impactful world health relies on three pillars of change:

Inclusive representation in health and fitness media and advertising, appropriate fitness

services that engage people living in larger bodies to move and a fitness industry well

educated on size inclusive fitness leadership. Louise believes this perfect storm has the

incredible power to mobilize millions of sedentary people to move on a grand scale.


For more than a decade she has worked diligently on each angle of the triangle, daily.


Louise has been a pioneer in offering dedicated size-specific fitness services since 2007.

She expanded her career to work with brands and ad agencies to hone a more size-inclusive message and is developing the first size-inclusive fitness certification to better

equip trainers and gyms to be more inclusive. 



Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have- Louise Green