Today’s topic is all about getting out of a rut.

At the end of last year, I was not loving life and struggling to be productive or or enjoy my work. I had to look at behaviors that were coming up for me and understand the steps I needed to take to move forward.

If you are experiencing this feeling or have ever felt this way, there is a way to get out of it.

In this episode, I will go through my steps to get myself out of a rut.

My personal notes:

  1. Take a close look at behaviors and moods that are popping up.
  2.  Assess then acknowledge that I’m in a rut.
  3.  Decide if i want to do anything about it (can be a small tweak or bigger change)
  4. Think about what feelings I am missing and what I’d like more of.
  5. Remember what has gotten me out of a rut before/What did I used to do that supports ME?
  6. Find three things that I have the bandwidth to do (either adding or subtracting options).


  • Try to only add one task at a time.
  • Subtraction might not be the same as it takes less bandwidth.
  • Check on myself every two weeks and add more if I’m doing well.
  • Decide if my rut is getting better.

My North Star: Keep reminding myself of what I want.


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