Today’s topic is about stress management in my ongoing series, “What Works For Me?” πŸ€”


This episode is the first of two episodes dedicated to stress management. Today, we will focus on what is causing our stress, and next week, we will dive into the solutions.Β 


In this episode, I will walk you through the three steps of beginning stress management. You will learn to ask yourself, “What is causing my stress? What is the stress costing me? What emotions do I want to feel instead?”


I will discuss my strategies for finding the source of our stress and what it costs us. Then, there is the fun part of looking forward to the future and deciding what positive emotions we want rather than focusing on the negative emotions we are currently feeling.


We will also touch on what we can change vs. what we cannot change and how that may alter how we deal with a situation.


Bring your top 3 in each category back next week, where we will start working on the solutions and how to manage the stressors in our lives!




Emotions Wheel




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