Have you ever felt torn between what you want and what everyone expects from you

Have you felt confused about how to even differentiate the two?

Today’s episode is a fun one! My two besties of a zillion years, Alison Bell and Susan Marine, join me on the pod!

The three of us talk about “Should I do this thing?” and digging deep into what drives us.

There is always something going on in our lives that we ‘could’ or ‘should’ do, and we tackle whether we should do this.

We break down the choice between desire and expectation and discover why we do the thing in front of us.

We talk about receiving acceptance from others when we accomplish things, wanting to be admired by those around us, and the drive to be exceptional.

We break down the worry that after you have completed the task on your list, you will just be looking for the next thing and that you will never actually be “done.”

We also discuss how to reframe the way you look at the things you set out to do and find the joy of the journey.

Instead of focusing on the societal pressures to do what we “should” be doing, the three of us decide that the most important takeaway is to focus on the feelings that you get from doing the thing!


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