Have you ever been at a loss for words after comments on someone’s body (maybe yours)? 👀


Did you find something you wanted to say, or were you left speechless waking up at 3 am thinking, “THIS is what I should have said…” 🤦🏻‍♀️


Well, I am here to help you navigate the uncomfortable world, that is, body talk. 


What if I am the one commenting? 

What if someone is commenting on MY body? 

How should I address body talk with my kids? I

 will help answer it all on today’s pod!


We will also discuss different ways to address someone who comments about your body. 


I’ll give you FOUR options on how to react.


We’ll also talk about why, sometimes, it’s best not to comment at all. 🤐


We will also chat about kids and body talk, when to speak up on someone’s behalf, teaching them about avoiding observing other people’s bodies, and reinforcing that all bodies are good bodies!


By the end, I hope that you feel better equipped to handle uncomfortable conversations about body talk and you start to shift away from conversations centered around other people’s bodies. 🙌🏼 




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