Have you ever considered breaking up with social media, but you are left thinking, what if I am missing out by leaving?

You are not alone.

Today on the pod, I am joined by Amelia Hruby! Amelia is a writer, educator, and podcaster with a PhD in philosophy.

She is the founder of Softer Sounds, a feminist podcast studio for entrepreneurs and creatives.

And she’s the host of Off the Grid, a podcast about leaving social media without losing all your clients.

Amelia shares her journey to leaving social media and how she started fully on board with it.

She continued a “compare and despair cycle” until she recognized the behavior patterns and triggers the app was causing, resulting in her entire departure from the app.

We talk about what social media brings to people and how people can achieve those feelings off the app. We also discuss how her breakup with diet culture played an important role in her breakup with social media.

Amelia shares the practice she used to help herself and those around her understand how social media is making you feel, what you notice about its impacts on your mental health, and how to absorb that information and decide what you want to do with it.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, so having Amelia on the podcast was a joy. I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did.


Rethinking Wellness- Christy Harrison: Digital Well-Being and Leaving Social Media with Amelia Hruby

Amelia’s Website: https://www.ameliahruby.com/

Amelia’s Podcast: https://offthegrid.fun/podcast

Amelia’s Podcast Studio: https://www.softersounds.studio/

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