Today I am joined by Talia Koren, self-taught cook and founder of Workweek Lunch. Workweek Lunch was established in 2016 and is a blog, cookbook, and subscription that helps you meal prep to get more out of life: save time, money, and mental energy. Workweek Lunch aligns with intuitive eating and it is about the system not about the food itself. We talk about separating exercise from diet culture, media effects on body image, and eating without distraction and for enjoyment. 



I started Workweek Lunch in 2016 to help busy folks meal prep delicious, nourishing meals to look forward to all week. My mission is to help home cooks create a system around food that saves them time, money and energy. I’ve been in the meal prep game for about a decade! My cooking journey started right after I graduated college. I realized how expensive it was to feed myself on an entry-level salary in New York City and knew meal prep was the best way to eat healthy on a budget without cooking daily. 

Since starting WWL, I’ve written a cookbook and launched a meal planning and recipe app that helps thousands of busy home cooks all over the world make meal prep happen. The WWL Program is home to over 600 tested recipes made for meal prep, custom meal planning tools and instant grocery list generator, as well as an amazing private community. 

I’m a self-taught cook for the most part, but I took about a year of classes with trained chefs at Home Cooking NY. I even taught a class there and have taught meal prep classes in Seattle, New York City, Denver and virtually. I’ve been featured in The New York Times, Greatist, Domino and Real Simple. See all press for Workweek Lunch.

When I’m not cooking or running the business, I’m playing with my dog, Coconut, doing pilates, bouldering, working on my dating podcast, planning my next big trip to Japan or Italy and checking out new restaurants in Seattle.


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